Felipe Gordon – Errare Humanum est


  1. 01 Astronomical Displacing 0:54
  2. 02 Errare Humanem Est 0:54
  3. 03 Departing 0:54
  4. 04 Authentic Feeling 0:54
  5. 05 New Beginning 0:54
  6. 06 Para Jose 0:55
  7. 07 Take It Acid Comes 0:56
  8. 08 Treat You Gently 0:56
  9. 09 What We Gonna Do 0:56
  10. 10 I Dont Know 0:56
  11. 11 Easel Of Suave 0:56
  • Anno: 2023
  • Formato: 2xLP
  • Paese: Colombia
  • Label: Wide Awake

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Errare Humanum Est comes from the Latin proverb “To err is human” as a musician and a human-being, you are constantly facing “mistakes” on your compositional work and your instrumental interpretation, Felipe Gordon presents his second conceptual album under this premise, you should accept and make mistakes as a crucial part of art and life. During late 2022 and beginning of 2023, the musician and producer worked on a new long play in his home studio “El Dorado” in Bogot?, Colombia. Trying to create a whole new concept and universe he re-visited some forgotten musical sketches, going from breakbeats, synthesis, boom bap, deep acid and house music Felipe presents us his new album, a melting pot of musical ideas, again not trying to achieve a club track filled long play but a whole listening experience, not focusing only on dancing matters but also on every day musical enjoyment. With the forward-thinking distribution and collaboration from the Rotterdam based power house, Clone Records and looking for a way to create a more independent environment for his releases, Felipe is creating his own “Wide Awake”, a new record label focused only on sharing and creating a platform for his constant output. As in “A Landscape Onomatopeya” (Felipe’s first LP) Primer Ocaso took over the editorial design on their talented hands, creating an amazing Gatefold 2X12” – 140 Gr Solid White Album edition