Take A Trip 002


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  • Anno: 2023
  • Formato: 12", EP
  • Label: Take A Trip

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Take A Trip, the esteemed vinyl-only music label, is back with its highly anticipated second release, set to launch in October 2023. This four-track vinyl offers a mesmerizing journey through the realms of underground beats, embracing the eclectic sounds of breakbeat, minimal, micro house, and electro genres.

A1. Blaq Weedo – J-1: Embark on a groovy breakbeat adventure influenced by hip-hop beats, marking the debut release of Blaq Weedo. The track exudes energy and creativity, setting the tone for the entire vinyl.

A2. Burbashi – Moonz: Experience the mesmerizing allure of electro beats in Burbashi’s enigmatic track, “Moonz.” Its experimental soundscapes push boundaries, taking listeners on an otherworldly sonic journey.

B1. Jerome.C – Several Times: Jerome.C, a Belgian music prodigy, brings forth a fresh and groovy micro house minimal track, “Several Times.” The carefully crafted rhythms and playful melodies ensure a captivating dance floor experience.

B2. MoMa – Morning at the River: Dive into the realm of minimal sounds with MoMa’s “Morning at the River.” This track radiates easy summer vibes, making it a perfect addition to any groovy set.

Take A Trip is all about embracing creativity and pushing boundaries. They create an environment where innovation has no limits. “Take a Trip 002” continues to showcase the label’s expertise in curating exceptional vinyl-only releases, taking the underground music movement to new heights.

As the vinyl’s release date approaches, “Take a Trip 002” welcomes you to an exploration of captivating beats and melodies, offering an immersive musical experience.