1. Rapsodia del Chinito Afrosound 1:30
  2. Carruseles Afrosound 1:30
  3. Zaire Pop Afrosound 1:30
  4. Me Voy de la Vida Afrosound 1:30
  5. Salsa con Tabaco Afrosound 1:30
  6. La Negra Saramuya Afrosound 1:30
  7. Banana de Queso Afrosound 1:30
  8. Baila Felipe Afrosound 1:30
  9. Negua Afrosound 1:30
  10. Ponchito de Colores Afrosound 1:30
  11. Mi Soncito Afrosound 1:30

First time reissue on 180 gramms vinyl of Afrosounds third full-length LP, full of funky, crazy tropical afro-psychedelia !

Afrosounds third full-length LP is a sought-after collectors record because its full of funky, crazy tropical afro-psychedelia with a reputation for being one of Discos Fuentes freakiest releases of the 1970s. With vintage synths, fuzz-wah guitar and Frukos heavy bass, “Carruseles” is a wild carousel ride of cumbia and salsa that has now been lovingly reissued in replica form for todays Colombian music connoisseurs to rediscover.

  • Anno: 2023
  • Formato: album, LP, Reissue
  • Label: VAMPISOUL

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