Pop Ambient 2024



Pop Ambient 2024. Twenty-four. Twenty-four can be divided by two, four, six, eight, twelve and itself. If something can be divided by itself, it is not really divisible. Truthfulness knows no formulas. Beauty knows no formulas. Beauty saves the world for no reason whatsoever. “Beauty is a promise that beyond mediocrity there is something where calmness reigns. Beauty calms the nerves. Beauty is not a good intention but a fact. Beauty is provocation, rigor, responsibility. And beauty has its price”.

In addition to the official version of Pop Ambient 2024, there will be an art/music edition limited to 10 pieces, consisting of an exclusive mini bonus album (vinyl dubplate) from Blank Gloss, in combination with 10 individual fine art print artworks by Veronika Unland. The edition will be available via kompakt.fm/art exclusively on November 23rd, 2023.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, Pop Ambient 2024

  • Anno: 2023
  • Formato: album, LP
  • Paese: Germany
  • Label: Kompakt

1 disponibili


T.Raumschmiere – Eterna 2
Mikkel Metal – Octarine
Yui Onodera – Cromo 7
Triola – Bergfreiheit Silbach, Glück Auf!
Thore Pfeiffer / Niko Tzoukmanis – Kontur
Joachim Spieth / Glos – Panta Rhei
Sono Kollektiv – Ever Last Thing
Blank Gloss – The Replacement Wheel
Reich & Wuerden – Orbit (feat. Alex Linster, Joel Jaffe)
Segensklang – Bergfrieden
Uemit Han – Nirgends
Various – Pop Ambient 2024 (Continuous Mix)

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