Luca Lozano – 50


  1. 01 Number One Difficult Man 1:11
  2. 02 RE MIX 1:11
  3. 03 Save Me From the Rave 1:15
  4. 04 Root 1:13
  • Anno: 2024
  • Formato: 12", EP
  • Label: Klasse Wrecks

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Somehow Klasse Wrecks has made it to 50 official releases, not bad for a label that wears its ignorance for others and ‘the norm’ proudly on its dirty sleeve. Over the years the label has released a multitude of various sounds, spanning bleep, rave, deep house, down tempo and the 50th release does well to encapsulate that free spirit and openess. Without much planning and totally by way of coincidence the responsibility lies with label co-owner Luca Lozano and its sonically a typical mixed bag as to be expected. Kicking off with restless acid stomping, the title track barges through the door…knocks over a few drinks before blossoming into a breakdown that propels the 303 deep into space and back again. On the A2, Lozano shows off his love for creaky breakbeats and DX donks on a track called ‘Re-Mix’…which as far as we know isnt a remix of anything at all. The flip contains more raving beauties, ‘Save Me From The Rave’ might be a desperate plea but by the sounds of it he’s still enjoying the madness, the producer makes an epic breakdown that might well signify the end of all Trance homages. Then the final track of the EP sounds like it could be played in a field in Glastonbury in 1993, its haunting vocal harmonies signify the sun is coming up soon and likely that we’re about to start Chapter 2 of the Wrecks Wrebellion. The special edition sleeve artwork features examples of previous artwork from the last 50 records, overlaid in a typically chaotic manner by the label’s designer, PLANETLUKE.COM.