Riccardo De Polo – Ascension



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The epochal energy of “Ascension” captivated us from the very first moment, making it an ideal intro track. With its cinematic soundtrack reminiscent of “Vangelis”, Italian producer Riccardo De Polo has crafted a sublimely ethereal experience that transports listeners into the vast expanse of space. As stars and planets drift by, the music beckons us to explore further, to surrender ourselves to the moment. The low strings serve as a booster until the rocket engine roars to life and the spaceship disappears into another galaxy.

Subsequently the polyrhythmic sequence of “Wahnstimmung” spirals abstractly far below the cerebral cortex. The driving bass drum, paired with shakers and percussion, propels the composition forward at a steady pace. The tension intensifies, painting a picture of liquid metal pouring into a melting pot.
Pure, stripped-down techno as we know it from its origins.

“Inception” hypnotically takes you into a deep state of trance, engulfing you in a tribe’s energy. It’s truly a classic Cocoon sound that has its very own place in Sven’s sets. The vigor is palpable, the shimmering sequence will make the dust visibly glow above the open-air dance floors while the air begins to shimmer. Noisy snare drums heat the narrowed arrangement to the absolute boiling point. This is the energy we have been looking for!

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