Sciahri – Pareidolia II


  • Anno: 2024
  • Formato: 12", EP
  • Label: Sublunar

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Sublunar proudly presents “Pareidolia II,” the latest EP by Sciahri, marking the next chapter in an evolving sonic journey following its first installment. This four-track release explores a spectrum of techno landscapes, offering a blend of pulsating rhythms, hypnotic sequences, and emotive soundscapes.

On the A-side, “One Letter” captivates with its infectious groove and fluid bassline, while “Homid” invites listeners on a minimalist journey, where hypnotic synth sequences create an enthralling atmosphere that captivates from start to finish.

Flipping to the B-side, “10k In One Year” enthralls with its sharp stabs and captivating rhythms, while “No Tears” delves into deeper, more introspective territories, combining classic elements with modern sensibilities.
“Pareidolia II” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a diverse array of techno experiences, each track offering a unique perspective on the genre. It’s a testament to Sciahri’s artistry and Sublunar’s commitment to pushing sonic boundaries.